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WellSpoken 2 Day In Command Level Up Workshop

Potential Leaders and Those Already in Leadership Positions

WellSpoken Greater Impact (Presence) 3 Day Workshop

Potential Leaders and Those Already in Leadership Positions


Compelling Content Design

Creating content that captivates and moves to action has to be intentional to be effective.

Speech: A Group Interactive Experience

The ability to introduce a large part of your team to the 7 Keys to Effective Communication™.

The Solution to a Very Real and Pervasive Problem

Across all industries companies are spending millions of dollars every year to retain, attract and hire top talent.  There is a shortage of professionals who can demonstrate that rare combination of technical as well as persuasive communication skills.  Both of these are critical to a company’s success in this ultra-competitive marketplace. It’s true, our current employees are considered SMEs but there is a missing ingredient.  Speaker’s Source offers practical and cost-effective solutions to this pervasive problem.  Contact us now to discuss how we can help close this gap and put our world class experience to work for you.

Crucial Skills for the Competitive Edge!

The 21st century is ushering in an explosion of the knowledge and creator’s economies unmatched in human history. The current reality of globalization, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence is causing a wave of uncertainty and anxiety across professions worldwide. The ability over the next ten years for your people to articulate their ideas in a clear and compelling way will be indispensable to the professional and their organizations. This singular, crucial skill will give you and your professionals the needed competitive edge.

It's About Transformation, not Just Information!

Our unique methodology is based on the latest scientific research. Specifically, neuroscience, psychology, deep learning, and human performance. This is not about being exposed to information about communication, anyone can get that from a book. The focus is on bringing about lasting transformation so each participant can capitalize on their uniqueness while making a greater impact in every communication opportunity, big or small.

Make an Exponential Difference

An Expectation of Leaders is Effective Communication!

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Our clients come from the Fortune 500, Medium Sized Businesses, HealthCare, Academia, Government and Non Profits.  Our team is here to serve you!