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Kevin McIntyre, Co-Founder of Speaker’s Source

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Speaker’s Source exist for these reasons:


What I want to let you know is why I created Speaker’s Source.  First, so many people have a “fear of public speaking.”  Well, you say, that may be true of most people but surely not when it comes to seasoned professionals.  You would be surprised.  Over the last 25 years, I have discovered as I sought to develop my own teams as well as coach and teach the concepts we are noted for, even experienced “speakers/presenters” suffer from nerves of one kind or another.  I want you to imagine getting in front of a room and being totally in control of your emotions and doing exactly what you want to do in the moment.  It’s totally possible with the right knowledge/skill and strategies to employ that knowledge/skill.

“When you can do common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”

                                                                                                                                                                               George Washington Carver

Secondly, many clients suffer from what can only be described as acting.  They go into some kind of presenter mode instead of being themselves.  This shuts down so much of what makes someone a powerful communicator.  It shunts creativity, it reduces or completely eliminates connection and basically nullifies the emotional aspect of any talk or presentation.  It is emotional appeal coupled with facts and figures that spurs your audience to take that action you are wanting them to take. We will show you how be the real you and be comfortable with it.

Third, when someone enjoys a good talk or presentation, they know they like it but are generally at a loss to pinpoint why it was so effective.  I joked one time with a colleague that sometimes listening to someone for 10 minutes can seem like an hour and on other occasions listening to someone for an hour can seem like only 10 minutes.  Once our clients understand what makes the difference, they are then able to incorporate those elements every time they speak.  There is no longer a mystery surrounding what makes someone interesting and compelling versus, not so much.

We at Speaker’s Source are on a mission to help those clients who want to obtain mastery of their public speaking skills as well as creating compelling content that moves to action.  Going beyond what might be a set of underdeveloped skills that might even invite cringe worthy speeches and presentations to people saying, “what happened to you?” In a good way of course.

We are ready to help raise communication skills to a level you might have thought impossible.

Let’s get started,

Our clients have come from diverse backgrounds and levels of leadership.   Board members, military leaders, congressmen, congressional candidates, large healthcare organizations, non-profits, financial institutions, technology companies and so many more.

We have served professionals from great organizations and companies like the ones below.