Words Can Move Mountains

                                             “If you want to be an effective leader, you need to excel in communication.                                                                                                                       In fact, the success of your business relies on it.”                                                                                                                                                            Harvard Business School


Effective Communication

  • The competitive advantage
  • Discover the 7 Keys
  • Experience transformation


Public Speaking

  • #1 sought-after soft skill
  • Very hard to find…rare indeed
  • We close this pervasive gap



Content Creation

  • A powerful framework
  • Create captivating content
  • Simple and repeatable


Start right now to gain a competitive edge like no other.  Our workshops take our clients well beyond just information, it puts them on the road to lasting transformation.

The ability to express your ideas to others, to convince them, to move them to action, is the single greatest skill that gives the competitive edge.  Don’t take chances with your company’s future.  Don’t gamble by focusing only on the technical skills of your professional workforce.  In this ultra-competitive landscape, with all the rapid changes, communication skills are crucial to success.    

The 3 & 3 Principle™

Leaders who obtain the skills of the 3 & 3 Principle™ provide the kind of leadership that creates an exponential difference.  Once they are able to communicate this way, not only will they be irreplaceable but so will their teams. 

The First "3" of the Principle

The ability to communicate in a Clear, Concise and Captivating way is of high value to any company or organization.  It is a learned skill, one that can be obtained with the right training and coaching.

The Second "3" of the Principle

When commanding the room as well as being in a leadership position, the skill of Confidence, Competence and Compassion complete the 3 & 3 principle.  Companies who invest in helping their teams gain these critical skills will not only survive but thrive in an ever changing competetive landscape.

What makes the difference between a speaker, presenter, anyone in front of the room, compelling our full attention?  There are 7 Keys to Effective Communication™.  When coupled with the 3 & 3 Principle™ a professional will be able to command the room in ways thought impossible before.  This and so much more is what’s in store for those attending one of our workshops.  Come join us!

Why Choose Our Service

Our Methodology Creates Transformation…It’s Not Just Information!

Our Programs are based on the latest in scientific research into Human Performance, Neuroscience and Psycholgy.


Deep Learning

The Secret to Learning that Sticks, Fast


Intentional Skill Development…It  Doesn’t Happen Automatically


Unlock the Power of the Mind for Maximum Engagement



Look and Sound Like You Belong in Front of the Room

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“I can’t believe what I am seeing.  The difference in all of us from yesterday to today is amazing.  I never thought I would see this kind of change in someone so quickly.”  

Marie H.

Fortune 500 Lead Counsel, Tech Co.

Onsite Workshops

Teams that learn these skills together, will have an advantage in cohesion and ability second to none.

Virtual Workshops

Take advantage of the online learning opportunity while also learning what works best in the virtual space.

Speaking (Presence)

Gain the confidence, poise, and comfort level  to deliver in any communication setting, one to one or one to many. 

One to One Coaching

Sometimes a professional needs one to one feedback.  We can help with any high stakes communication..